the lowering night

by dana falconberry

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Amelie Dubois
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Amelie Dubois I LOVE this album. That kind of music that you can listen in loop again and again ... Awesome music to listen while painting. <3 Favorite track: the dogs.
Nathan Payne
Nathan Payne thumbnail
Nathan Payne it is sometimes the nameless letters we cast into the ether that wind up capturing the eternal spirit of humankind and its quiet resilient magic. the lowering night is more of a hope chest than an album. it seems that dana's bedroom has more magic than most studios. Favorite track: the dream.
Tommy the Commie
Tommy the Commie thumbnail
Tommy the Commie Ethereal, honest, haunting. Sure to bring the ghosts out with this one ;-) Favorite track: the west.
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I wrote and recorded this tiny EP completely alone in my bedroom, mostly in the tiniest and quietest hours of the night. My intent in writing these songs was to return to the organic way I used to find refuge in songwriting. Recently the business of it all has muddied the process for me. Because making a record with a band that sounds really good and makes business sense means depending on a lot of other people, it also means a lot of waiting and wondering. My past year has been spent largely waiting on labels, producers, studios, band scheduling, money, contracts, lawyers, etc, and wondering if I would ever actually be able to release the album I had been working on so relentlessly. It can all feel a bit disabling and unfortunately, pretty uninspiring. I found myself unable to write for most of the year because of it. I was afraid to write, in fact, because if I wrote a song and liked it, I knew I’d want to share it with you and that would mean starting all the waiting and wondering process again. So I didn’t write for a while, and of course, it didn’t make me happier. Music has always been what I turn to in times of despair and depression, and so it felt especially awful for it now to be the cause of these feelings. I spent a lot of time reminiscing to years ago before I had any knowledge of the business of music, back when I’d just write songs all night to escape into a different world. I wanted to go back to that, and eventually saw no reason not to. I dusted off my old $10 mic from Best Buy circa 2005, held together with three kinds of tape and some hair bands and covered with a dirty sock (wind guard). I gave myself assignments and wrote, thinking of the songs as throw-away songs because it made it easier. I joined a songwriting group to get yelled at if I didn’t turn in a song every week. I allowed myself to write short songlets without any big statements, just little unassuming and freestanding verses. I didn’t have to like them (in fact, better if I didn’t). I just had to write them. So I ended up with a handful. I stayed up many nights playing with them: re-amping guitar parts through my MacBook speakers into my crap mic, playing prerecorded Garage Band synth parts on my computer keyboard, layering 50 guitar parts one note at a time, and singing singing singing. And there. I felt it again, the saving that writing music can do.
It’s in this spirit that I share these songs with you. They are not opuses. They are tiny little things that kinda saved me. They don’t make a ton of sense. They sound like crap. You can hear my dog in the background because he’s often behind me when I record. You can hear my roommate opening the bathroom door. You can hear click bleed and all kinds of phasing and terrible audio stuff that I don’t even know about. But they are done, and that’s something. And I’m sharing them, and that’s something too. You can have them for free if you want, or you can pay whatever you'd like. There’s no manager or label or publicist or anything involved. Just me singing in my bedroom like I've done forever, straight to you without waiting a hundred years.
Thank you for listening.


released May 4, 2015



all rights reserved


Dana Falconberry Austin, Texas

Dana Falconberry & Medicine Bow's new album, From the Forest Came the Fire, guides us past the forest's edge, beneath the surface of the water, and up the base of the mountain, leaving listeners awestruck at the meeting of natural landscapes and the supernatural forces that lay within them. ... more

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Track Name: the dogs
oh love believe me i know, i am as easy as a river to hold.
i see the state of your eyes, i see how truthfulnesses shape up as lies.
when i hear the words i issue, i feel sorry for myself and i feel sorry for you.
i know it's a burden to bear, and i do bear, oh i do bear.

oh how i'd love to clear your beautiful eyes,
come through in the end to everyone's surprise.
but when you leave here tonight,
you will know your heart is of the strongest light.
and i will hear myself tell you to go,
and i'll get back up to my old ebb and flow.
Track Name: the mississippi
oh love you took it out of me.
we must have crossed the mississippi
a hundred times before the sun came up.
i fell for you every time.
Track Name: the dream
and when i wake oh let it be
from your long face in a short dream
and when i call may it be true
that my words fall ever lightly on you

how long do i have to wait

i'll go up north i'll head for the trees
to look for the source and dirty my knees
oh the great loss of every fall
oh it is not lost on me at all

how long do i have to wait

and when i sleep may it be so
that it is deep that it's heavy and low
and when i wake oh let it be
from your long face in a short dream

how long do i have to wait
Track Name: the shadow
and when the cold came that wind carried my name
and drew my breath in and like a medicine it coursed my veins
and when the night fell i heard her tongue dispel
a thousand curses whispered in verses and i heard it well

what evil the spark could run if issued from your tongue
see it clear and hold it dear before it has been wrung

then under dark skies and much to my surprise
shy onlooker the shadow took her before my eyes
didn't we try everything fire and alchemy
the water breather to break the fever it left in me

what evil the spark could run if issued from your tongue
see it clear and hold it dear before it has been wrung
silver spun oh dust of bone stand with it alone
take that spark and turn it around make with it a stone

and when the day broke long before i awoke
where rye and wheat grow thread through the needle and break the spoke
oh what was left of me no longer fiery
small sap-sucking reconstructing the diary
Track Name: the heavier
you threw a rock across the rio grande
i watched the weight of it leave your hand
i saw the sun set heavy and low
landing with your rock in mexico

and in the autumn came a cold breeze
i saw your face fall quick as the leaves
i stood alone in the hallway
to wait for you to figure out something to say

doesn't it get heavier

now the pines are all covered in snow
sloped-shouldered they hang their heads low
i could have waited straight into the spring
to watch those pines shed everything

you're always quiet in the evening light
i watch the weight of it sink into the night
if it were you in the hallway
you know i would have figured out something to say

doesn't it get heavier
Track Name: the west
when the sun first split the lowering night into two
it rose for you
rose for only you
oh a lonely west laid under an unending blue
it calls for you
calls for only you

and as if by the wind itself you rise up and begin yourself

as the furling waves do turn themselves anew
they break for you
break for only you
when the both my eyes have become ocean stone
they look for you
look for you alone

and as if by the wind itself you rise up and being yourself

when the sun first split the lowering night into two
it rose for you
rose for only you
oh a lonely west laid under and unending blue
it calls for you
calls for only you
Track Name: the dusk
my heart exited me
i saw the river drain out of the sea
you say you love the light in the evening
most as it is leaving

my eyes of ocean stone
i felt marrow drop out of the bone
when you told me how the bird song in the morning
sounds to you a warning